Hope in Recovery Through Living and Working in Community

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Ways to volunteer your time:
  • Mentor or tutor residents in life skills such as cooking, sewing or financial management.
  • Provide educational training in areas such as study habits, computer skills and oral & written communication.
  • Assist with vocational training such as career planning and work skills within your area of expertise.
Thank you for your willingness to donate your time to Gateway to Discovery. We have been overwhelmed by the generous support of so many people and groups in the area. We know that alcohol and drug addiction and all the related problems have burdened our communities for generations. But it is clear that God has been preparing the hearts and minds of many in the past years to participate in this effort to bring ‘hope sweet hope’ to the women who come to live with us, and through them to bring healing to the community. Be assured that your help is important to us! In order to help us best utilize the gifts of those volunteering their time and services, we ask that you please complete and submit the form below. We will then contact you and obtain any additional required information. Thank you!