Hope in Recovery Through Living and Working in Community

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Welcome to Hope Sweet Hope Studios Website! These one-of-a-kind handmade creations are made by the women of “Hope Sweet Hope Studios” entirely from recycled products (shredded office paper, paper bags, flowers). Everything that we use in our products have been donated to us by the Fort Dodge community. “Hope Sweet Hope Studios” is the social enterprise component of Gateway to Discovery located in Fort Dodge, Iowa. Gateway to Discovery is a 2 year program designed to help women in their rise from the depths of chemical addiction, homelessness and related struggles. They are committed to recovering in community. Hope Sweet Hope Studios is where the women work while in the program and can continue to work after they have completed their two years at Gateway to Discovery. As the women graduate into the working stages of the program, they go through an interview process before they start working. This part of the process is very important because it teaches the women personal poise and resume building skills. These creations have provided renewed hope and a sense of purpose in their lives. Your purchase directly supports the women who make these products. Our desire is that you will experience this special kind of hope that can change lives.   photo6