Hope in Recovery Through Living and Working in Community

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24 Spiritual Principals

Come Together

No matter where we are, we are better coming together than living separately.

Proclaim Original Grace

We are made in the image of God. We look at each person’s journey beginning not with original sin but original grace.

Cry With Your Creator

Even though we may feel lonely when we cry, we are never truly alone. Every step of the way we remind one another that God hears our cry.

Find Your Place in the Circle

We find our place in the circle, knowing that it doesn’t matter if on that particular day we will be giving or receiving.

Think of the Stranger as God

Instead of saying, “There but for the grace of God go I," we say, “There goes God." It reminds us of the truth that in loving our neighbors we are meeting God.

Take the Longer Path

There is no shortcut on the spiritual path. The journey is wholeness is lifelong.

Make a Small Change and See the Big Difference

Sometimes the miracle of healing happens so slowly that we fail to notice the great difference in our lives. The difference can set us free, so we never have to buy or sell pieces of ourselves again to find meaning.

Let God Sort It Out

In community our job is not to judge or say, “I told you so." We trust that God will sort things out, so we don’t have to second-guess every decision someone else makes.

Stand on New Ground and Believe You Are Not Lost

What we are feeling and experiencing is not a sense of being lost but the wonder of discovering something new. This is sacred ground; we walk it alone, following the advice of others who have walked before us.

Forgive, and Feel Freedom

We are called to forgive all those who have harmed us. We are called to forgive all the harm we have done to ourselves. We are called to forgive all the people we have harmed. Forgiveness allows us to move forward in peace.

Unite Your Sexuality and Spirituality

We have been taught that our sexuality is a commodity and have learned to live in a spirit of mistrust and manipulation. In community we claim ourselves again, saying no to people and institutions that are not part of the healing of our bodies, minds, and spirits.

Show Hospitality to All

We are called to offer hospitality to every guest, resident, staff member, stranger, and old friend. We remember all the kindness that people have offered us.

Laugh at Yourself

The only way to survive communal living and have it be a spiritual experience is to allow humor to be part of it. Finding humor in anything is a sign of grace. We do not have to take ourselves too seriously.

Consider the Thistle (Flowers)

At Hope Sweet Hope Studios, we take the flowers that no longer serve a purpose in a bouquet of flowers. We take those flowers and turn them into something beautiful. That is what is happening to the women of this program. We were only addicts and alcoholics that didn’t serve a purpose in society. Today, we are women and strong members of society.

Listen to a New Idea

We are open to other perspectives about new ways of acting or thinking. If we think that no one else understands us, we may dismiss some good and fresh ideas. We want our lives to be changed by this journey, so we need to be open to being changed.

Lose Gracefully

Say you are sorry for whatever wrong you have done, ask for forgiveness, and let it go. it is not yours to worry about anymore.

Remember You Have Been in the Ditch

We do not share the same experiences, but we all have been in need sometime in our lives. We stay grateful for when someone lifted us out of the ditch and offered us food, clothing, or shelter. We offer those gifts in gratitude with no strings attached.

Walk Behind

On the spiritual path we are not asked to walk side by side as friends. We are asked to walk behind our God.

Live in Gratitude

Everything is a gift, so we can offer and accept it all with gratitude. We contribute in gratitude for all we have been given, so that our gifts can be offered to others with no strings attached.

Love without Judgment

We love the women still walking the streets, the people who have turned away from us, and the people we thought we could not love. This is the kind of radical love that can change the world.

Stay on Point

When we get busy with many distractions, it is easy to ignore our weaknesses and lose our focus of trying to live a clean and healthy life. We are connected to God and to our neighbors and ourselves when we are on point.

Pray for Courage

We pray for the ability to hear God’s voice and know God’s will for our lives. We pray for the courage to walk the path of faith that has been set before us.

Find Your Way Home

All our journeys begin and end with God. We are finding our way on this path toward wholeness and love.

Leave Thankfully

We are grateful when we meet each other; and we want to be just at grateful when it is time to part ways, to move on, or make a change. We walk away from each other when we need to, with thanksgiving, not bitterness or resentment.

Find Your Way Home, Words from the Street, Wisdom from the Heart by the Women of Magdalene with Becca Stevens